Journey Into The Stars is a special website for me.  It is about a journey or travel into our world, our society and ourselves through a simple medium-TV and a certain television show that tells us about ourselves, our differences and commonalities.   That television show is Star Trek.  Please journey with me to distant lands and worlds and not too distant social problems and conundrums. This site was created to celebrate all that is Star Trek, the Trekkers and Trekkies.


Hello. I’m  Tricia.  I love Star Trek. And like most Trek fans, I have a story behind my Star Trek enthusiasm.  It started when I was young.

I caught my mom in my playroom watching a television show. Odd, finding her watching television in the middle of the day because she rarely watched television and she was rarely awake in the middle of the day. She worked nights as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in town. Sleep was precious, but there she was during the day watching Star Trek:The Original Series. I sat beside her at the tender age of five, got bored with her and the TV show and then left…. Then I came back. I came back to the playroom and watched the rest of the show. The next time and thereafter, my mom and I seemed to find Star Trek episodes and each other regularly. Again and again and again.

My mom watched Star Trek when it first started in the 1960s. Groundbreaking television, she thought, even though most people during that time did not get the point or idea-maybe too radical. Her favorite was either Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, I couldn’t tell. Three seasons she watched it. She hated when Star Trek left the air. She loved everything about it especially its imagination, plot, social issues and moral messages.


I cannot remember the name of the episode that we first watched together. I cannot remember the episode at all. But we had something in common…a bond. I would learn all the imagination and plot and social issues and moral messages that mom liked about Star Trek, so did I. She and I discussed philosophies and beliefs that I never knew we had in common. Mom could tell me what she believed and why she believed it. We probably understood each other better. I accepted more of her beliefs and ways. We were on the same level. Mom had three other children. All of them hate Star Trek and they must have thought we were crazy for liking it. But this was our bond. I don’t know what our relationship would have been without Star Trek.


What Star Trek did for my Mom and me-the bond, it, also, created for me with people in my community or at my school. Teacher, other students and even employees at my job…even the most unlikely people… could grasp the same concept. I found we had many other interests in common, too. We seem to understand each other a lot quicker and more deeply. I liked that olive branch–that extension to others. I would like to help people more in this way.


My goal at Journey Into The Stars times is to keep up with Star Trek, Star Trek information, its people and forge a bond, a common connection with people that otherwise would not be possible.  To seek out new friends, new alliances and new communities and to boldly go where I would not otherwise have gone before.

I decided to make a create a hobby-based website through Wealthy Affiliate  to fan the flames of my desire.  Not only could I communicate with others, I could enjoy doing so by an outreach to information, interviews and products.

Wealthy Affiliate helped me so much with this desire to build upon my passions and make them a dream.  You can too. Try it for yourself-for free.  And if you like it, then build your dreams too.  And tell them Tricia sent you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Tricia Turner


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