Most times it is difficult to find the perfect gift. Sometimes, it depends on the theme or the receiver of the gift can be difficult to please. Everyone’s tastes are different. But, if you have a Star Trek fan on your hands, these ideas can make the process a lot less arduous. Whatever time of year, you can be sure to please that special woman in your life with Star Trek gifts for her.



Star Trek has grown in its over 50 year existence and gifts keep cropping from this phenomenon. Every few months, there seems to be a new item from the Star Trek franchise that is uniquely its own. You cannot find it in any other franchise. You name a Star Trek series from the original series to DS9 and there is a die hard fan for it. The fans tend to want more no matter what is on the market. And they like anything from jewelry to electronics to clothes.


Since its 50th anniversary, Star Trek has sold the Kol-ut-Shan Vulcan necklace at an alarming rate. Make no mistake, this jewelry is pricey with the silver sterling necklace and the gold necklace is as well This company makes these necklaces and other jewelry for important occasions, but the meaning behind the necklace is captivating and moralistic. Crafted in the Vulcan script and harnessed form Vulcan philosophy, its idea is that things that are different can be brought together to result in beauty, growth and progress. Basically, the script means Infinite Beauty in Infinite Diversity. The chain is 20 inches long and the gold necklace is made of a 14K yellow gold cable. It is a collector’s edition. Show her that her beauty will always be with this 14K yellow gold or silver cable necklace.



Amazon offers a Star Trek Bluetooth ComBadge. It answers all your calls and even has the communicator chirp when you receive phone calls or just at your touch and a built in microphone that allows for hands free calling. If another device has Bluetooth like phones or tablets then this Communications Badge can connect to it. This Bluetooth has over a 30-foot wireless range from your badge to the phone. You can listen to texts and emails hands free with this Bluetooth. The Starfleet insignia looks just like the one the Next Generation television show in that it is matte gold and silver finishing. There will be no holes in your clothes when attaching the communicator badge because it has a strong magnetic plate that holds the badge in place. The battery use can be up to 48 hours depending on its use.

TOS Bluetooth Communicator from Amazon is a lovely gift for her to keep in touch. This is a highly accurate replica of one of the last original props from the 1960s television show. You can pair this device with a phone for hands free call access or to a device that streams music for a wireless music speaker. It has the original series chirp. The Kirk action flip can be used to answer calls. It is reviewed as of great quality. Any Trekker would love this item add it to her wishlist.

ThinkGeek sells a Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access Pin in a limited edition. The pin features the USS Shenzhou NCC-1277. Plus, it offers a $25 credit towards the CBS All Access streaming service so your girl can watch the latest USS:Discovery episode and the After Trek after show. That service comes with live streaming access to all Star Trek series from the original to the new Discovery. This will be an automatic hit with the date night since this is the first Star Trek television series is 15 years. The pin is a base metal with enamel and is 2″ in diameter. It is sure to be a collector’s item and can symbolize the longevity of your love.



Amazon sells a Star Trek Women’s Sleep Shirt from Robe Factory. It is made with 100% cotton with the Starfleet insignia on the front. The Sleep Shirt comes in the colors of gold, blue and red and in the sizes of x-small-x-large. Machine wash this sleep shirt with like colors and dry on low heat. 72% of the customers that reviewed this item on Amazon said it fit as expected.

Or why not try the Star Trek underwear on Amazon. This pack of three has a Starfleet insignia on left hip. The colors are one of gold, red, and blue. Most women who reviewed this item loved them and even though they are a small fit and you may need to order a size up it was worth it. The sizes are small to x-large and it has an elastic waist.



Have you ever thought of getting your loved one a lava lamp? ThinkGeek sells a glitter lava lamp with the Enterprise drawn on the base. If your loved one loves lava lamps, this may be the gift for her. Cascading glitter lights up the room through this lamp with its hyperbolic shape. It is a great mood lighting lamp.

Help her keep her thoughts by giving her a Star Trek Uhura journal  on ThinkGeek as well. It has an image of Uhura on the front side of the notebook and is small enough not to be considered bulky. 232 pages fill Uhura’s journal as the Enterprise’s Communications Officer and can help your loved one communicate some of her most personal ideas.


So, if you are in need of a gift idea for the woman in your life that loves Star Trek, maybe these gift ideas will help. Just a few ideas can start you on the path to the best Star Trek gift idea yet or you can use these ideas to plan the perfect surprise. Either way, with Star Trek, it is sure to be a win-win situation.


  1. I love Star Trek! I was a fan of the old series but I love Chris Pine in the reboot and would love some of these gifts. Thank you for researching them. I know what to add to my wish list now – my favourite is the communicator pin……beam me up Scotty!

  2. Wow ! Simply amazing ! I never thought about surprising my girlfriend with a Kol-Ut-shan Vulcan necklace to express my undying devotion, but after reading your description, I will reconsider that. It certainly is extremely unique and as a fellow “Trekie”, what better way to get her interested in it ? 😉

  3. I had no idea I have Star Trek jewelry! Now that I think about it, why wouldn’t they?! That’s pretty cool. If I had a Star Trek super fan in the family or for a friend, that would be a perfect gift, just in time for the holidays, too!

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