Who is Anson Mount–The New Captain Pike


Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery announced in April 2018 that Anson Mount would play Captain Pike as the series returned for its 2nd season and after the first season closed with a shot of The Enterprise hailing for assistance.

That Enterprise was captained by none other than Christopher Pike.
If you remember your Star Trek canon, Captain Christopher Pike appeared on “The Menagerie” Part 1 & 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series. He was also seen in the pilot episode called “The Cage.” This character was played by Jefferey Hunter who a few years later tragically died. He turned down the role of captain of the Enterprise and William Shatner accepted the chair as James T. Kirk. A training incident left Pike disfigured, mute and paralyzed. It was believed in Starfleet that a great mind was trapped in that body. Spock served under Captain Pike at the time of “The Cage” and he served with Captain Kirk during the time of the “Menagerie.”

These two characters have met before in the movie spin-offs 2009 Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Christopher Pike is played by Bruce Greenwood.
Now Star Trek: Discovery will reprise the role in its Season 2. The captain will be played by Anson Mount.
But what do we know about Anson Mount?


Name: Anson Adams Mount IV
Birthplace: Mount Prospect, IL
Birthdate: February 25, 1973

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’1″
Parents: Nancy Smith and Anson Adams Mount II
Alma Mater: The University of the South, Columbia University
Degree: Theater


Anson Mount was born to Nancy Smith and Anson Adams Mount II- a religion editor for Playboy magazine and a sports editor before that. If there is some confusion with his father’s name being the 2nd and Anson Adams Mount IV (the actor), it is because his father was married previously and birth a son by the name of Anson Adams Mount III. This is the actor’s older half brother.

Growing up in White Bluff, Tennessee with his siblings  Anson Adams Mount III and his sisters: Kristin and Elizabeth was not easy. Anson’s Father died when he was 13 years old. His mom professional golfer Nancy Smith raised Anson and his half siblings by herself. Anson rode horses a little when he was a child. So he had some experience before his stint on “Hell on Wheels.”  His first taste of acting was at high school playing a guard in “12 Angry Men.” As of now, he is married to Darah Trang. His wife is a photographer actually. He graduated from Columbia University with his major in theater. Mount taught at Columbia even after his success with “Hell on Wheels.” But he believes there is no vocabulary for acting. Even with this belief, Mount advises students to enroll in a good “liberal arts” college. Maybe his advice is right. He has been acting since 1999.

The movie “Crossroads” came to Anson Mount’s attention starring as Britney Spears love interest, but he turned it down at first. His friend Robert De Niro changed his mind.  And not only does Anson Mount act, he also, directs. “Nose,” a silent film was his first as a director.
“Hell On Wheels” is an AMC television show that was a huge hit for Mount. He believes it answers a lot of questions we as a society ask ourselves if we can survive in difficult times. He enjoyed his time on the series. The show takes place in America and centers around the laying of the First Transcontinental Railroad from Nebraska to San Francisco, California stretching nearly 2,000 miles. Two railroad companies built the train tracks. The Central Pacific Railroad Company of California and Union Pacific. Union Pacific supervised 1,085 miles of the railroad from Omaha, Nebraska to Utah Territory. So says the charter of 1862 named the Pacific Railroad Act passed by Congress. A six year project that on May 10th 1969.  Central Pacific was controlled by Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford (created Stanford University and was govenor of Utah when the construction of the railroad was finished) Collin Huntington and Mark Hopkins. Central Pacific hired mostly Chinese workers and laid down 10 miles of track in one day setting a new record. The bet was made by majority onterest holder of Union Pacific Dr. Thomas Durant. His workers were mainly Irish workers, former African American slaves and Civil War vetsvfrom  etsboth sides.

Central Pacific began laying tracks from the West coast and the Union Pacific started in the east around Omaha, Nebraska. The railroads followed the Oregon Trail. The reason for the railroad was to transport products and people from the east coast to the West coast and vice versa. A ticket on this iron horse from NY to San Francisco was $65 and it took 7 days to get to the destination.

The series stars Mount as Cullen Bohannon, a Confederate soldier on a quest for revenge. It also stars Colm Meaney as Thomas Durant. Meaney is from Star Trek fame as he played on The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine as Miles O’Brien. Its creators and producers are Joe and Tony Gayton.


Some of Anson Mount’s TV and movie credits are well-known especially with AMC. At one time he was a prospect to play Batman in one of the movie installments.



Urban Legends:Final Cut as Toby Belcher

Tully as Tully Loates Jr.

Crossroads as Ben Kimble

City by the Sea as Dave Simon

Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden as Cherry

Ally McBeal as Kevin Wah

Sex in the City as Gregory

Third Watch as Dr. Montville

Smallville as Paul Hayden

CSI: Miami as Tony Macken

Lost as Kevin

Inhumans as Black Bolt

By CellarDoor85 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37101332


Like everyone, ANSON Mount has a favorite TV show. His favorite show is “Breaking Bad.” His celebrity crush is Pink. So he can be enamored with superstars as well. However he is quite a crush himself to a lot of his female fans. Cowboy boots, blue jeans and a t shirt are his favorite attire. Although, he does not mind stepping out in fancier clothes, Cynthia Rowley and Robert Caballo are a few of his preferred designers.

Mount exercises a lot with workouts including cardio and weightlifting. Known for his piercing eyes, Mount is going to turn heads on screen when he plays on Discovery’s second season. His chisels jawline mirrors Jeffery Hunters almost exactly.

Anson Mount has played in a hit western show and now sets his eyes on the future as Star Trek: Discovery’s newest star. His views on guns and gun control are causing a stir. What do you think of Anson Mount?

Doug Jones on Discovery

He is an actor that is not recognized on screen—only because he usually wears a mask. But he is very popular and has amassed quite a following before participating on Star Trek.  Doug Jones on Discovery is the newest

Doug Jones on Discoverytalented person with marvelous credentials.  He has acted in countless numbers of commercials, music videos and movies. Mostly in prosthetics.  Some of his most memorable roles are Hellboy’s Abe Sapien, The Faun and The Pale Man in “Pan’s Labyrinth’ and the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water.”  All of these movies were directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Doug Jones is one of four brothers from Indiana. The youngest of them all. He graduated from Bishop Chatard High School. With a degree in Telecommunications and a minor in theatre, Jones graduated from Ball State University in 1982.  With wife Laurie, Jones still has special theatre projects in Indiana. They have no children, but love theatre.



Name: Doug Jones

Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana

Birthdate: May 24, 1960

Height: 6’3”

College: Ball State University

Spouse: Laurie Jones




Jones has acted in over 25 films and numberless commercials and many music videos.  Here are a few highlight roles listed in his acting career.


1992           Batman Returns                The Thin Clown

1993           Hocus Pocus                     Billy Butcherson

1995           Tank Girl                           Additional Ripper

1997            Mimic                                Long John  #2

2002            Men in Black 2                 Joey

2002            The Time Machine           Spy Morlock

2004             Hellboy                            Abe Sapien

2006            Pan’s Labyrinth                The Faun/ The Pale Man

2009            Legion                               The Ice Cream Man

2013            Dust of War                        Jebediah Strumm

2016            The Bye Bye Man              The Bye Bye Man

2017            The Shape of Water           The Amphibian Man/ Charley



1998           Outer Limit                               Elder Alien/Alien #1

1998           Kenan & Kel                             Head Waiter

1999           Buffy the Vampire Slayer          Lead Gentlemen

2002           CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Grinder

2003           The Guardian                           Micah Oakley

2005           Criminal Minds                          Domino Thacker/Beanie

2008            Fear Itself                                Grady Edlund

2013           Falling Skies                             Cochise

2013           Sons of Anarchy                       Corrections Officer Crane

2014           Teen Wolf                                William Barrow

2015           The Flash                               Jake Simmons/ Deathbolt

2017           Star Trek: Discovery               Commander Saru





Known for his ability to hide behind prosthetics, Doug Jones sits in a chair for Saru’s makeup about two hours. The makeup artists changed the slit eyes in the first episode to round eyes for the rest of the season.  The slits in

Pictured (l-r): Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

his eyes were more difficult to handle than previously thought. Doug enrobes a cowl, face piece, bottom chin and a bottom lip. Doug Jones cut his hair for the four-piece mask and the first makeup test took around three hours to complete. Now the makeup crew has the time down to two hours or a little less than that. Of course, he dons gloves and special boots because Saru has hoofedd feet.

How tall is Doug Jones?

The no-heeled boot raises Mr. Jones’ height from 6’3” to 6’8”.  Framing Saru with other characters has been a challenge because of his height. And because of this heelless shoe, Doug Jones developed a supermodel walk for Saru.



A lifelong Star Trek fan watching the original episodes from the sixties with James T. Kirk and Lt. Commander Spock, the enormity of playing the Star Trek Dynamic Duosrole of Kelpian, Saru on Star Trek: Discovery is not lost on Doug Jones.

He was 6 years old when the Original Series aired and watched or known about every iteration of the Star Trek franchise since childhood. Spock is Doug Jones’ favorite character on Star Trek because “he is unlike the others in the crew.”  The pitch to Doug Jones upon taking the role of Saru was that Saru was the “Spock of the Star Trek: Discovery series.”

Who could turn that part down?

But Doug Jones understands his character’s inner turmoil better than others.  He believes Saru has an expanded range of emotions than his counterpart.  Saru feels fear more than anyone else.  His ganglia even allow others to know when he senses fear or imminent death. Spock—pointed ears.  The trio of captain and the first officers for Star Trek: Discovery are brother and sister relationship with Saru and Michael Burnham.  They compete for the motherly Captain Georgiou’s attention. Saru is known for being cowardly or cautious and Burnham more outgoing and a risk taker. Cute, cuddly and charming, Saru is a distinct character in the Star Trek world and will not easily be forgotten.



Saru is a Kelpian and the first Kelpian to graduate from Starfleet Academy.  He is a new alien species introduced to the Star Trek universe. A bilateral species, Saru is the prey species in this alien race. The animal instinct of fearStar Trek: Discovery manifests itself through threat ganglia that emerge from near the base of the skull.  When Saru is afraid or believes the threat of death is near, these threat ganglia expose themselves. This makes Kelpians vulnerable because others can sense when they are afraid.



Admitting Saru is not ripe for the captain’s seat just yet, instead, Jones wants Saru to go home and create more backstory in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.  He wants Saru to find his family and interact with them.  This would make for an interesting second season with plenty of story lines.  Spock and his dad were an appealing plot device in the Original Series.  Saru, also, would be a delight with his amusing family on board the Discovery and how they relate to Saru’s crewmates.



Doug Jones and his talent in working with prosthetics is a much-needed surprise to the Star Trek universe.  He brings years of experience in acting and he is a gem to watch on this series week to week.  Hopeful, Discovery will stay on the air for a long time so we can admire his ability to bring depth to a character in a very humble way. Unrecognizable from the screen, Doug Jones is one of the most popular actors on Discovery and the Star Trek series you will never see face-to-face.