Star Trek Dynamic Duos


Star Trek Dynamic Duos

Star Trek is known for its awesome duos.  Great partnerships have been made.  Kirk and Spock. Captain Picard and Data. Sisko and Dax.  Janeway and Seven of Nine. The list goes on and on.  So much so that I decided to start a series on some of the best pairings in the Star Trek universe.

Most characters are formed as a foil to the other character to test their ideas and beliefs.  Like a checks and balance, if you will.  We can evaluate the decisions and thought processes of the other characters on the screen.  It also allows us to understand moral beliefs and social standards.  I like the dyads Star Trek manufactures to explore our humanity.  Examples like Dax and Worf or Yar and Deana Troi. Star Trek has tirelessly investigated the best and worst of in us through important friendships.


Enemy vs Enemy has also produced excellent chemistry between characters in the Star Trek universe.  We can identify ourselves most through our adversaries, but most of us hate to admit it. The weird thing about adversaries is that everybody has one.  Famous crews in this universe are no different. Memorable enemies like Goran has taught Kirk a thing or two about compassion for our enemy and mutual understanding.  Even rivals serve a purpose in Star Trek to better understand who we are and what we are composed of in the human soul.


Star Trek has challenged all of us to look within ourselves.  The Abyss. The Mirror. Literally in some cases. Almost every Star Trek series has had a mirror universe themed episode. Star Trek:The Next Generation did not. The Enterprise crew mates faced down splitting images of fellow officers warning us of our shortcomings. These are also famous Star Trek couplets I would like to discuss in upcoming posts.


There is also the situation of aliens facing off with each other that remind us of our shortcomings as in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.”  The conflict arises between people not unlike ourselves.  We are licensed to step back to a more objective position to weigh a serious subject.


So, I hope you enjoy the new series on Star Trek Dynamic Duos.  I will post atleast once a month about a favorite pair from the Star Trek iterations.  Please feel free to join the discussion or post a comment on which Star Trek deuces we should center on next time.