how to make money with niche affiliate mareketing

Some people may look at my website and ask how to make money with niche affiliate marketing. They see my website about my interest or passion How to make money with niche affiliate marketingand observe the product reviews. If you have a passion, hobby or interest, you can create a website targeting a select group of people who have the same interest as you do. That’s what I do. You never get bored with the topics at hand and everything seems interesting. You happen to learn a lot. Not only that you can make money while on vacation, at work or asleep. Websites only rest when they go down.
Not everyone wants to make money (or monetize) their website. That’s fine. You don’t have to, however if you want a website that is visible and could get great rankings on Google or Bing, I will tell you how you can do this as well. Either way, its nice to try at something new and discuss your passion.
So what do we do:

  • Find your niche.
  • Create a website.
  • Monetize it (or create great visibility or traffic).

So, I will show you how to make money with niche affiliate marketing in this post and how it relates to you having a website about your favorite hobby.

In this blog, I will explain:

  • What is niche marketing?
  • What is an affiliate?
  • How do I make money (or monetize) with my niche?
  • Who can help make my interest into a website that works for me?

What is Niche Marketing?

First of all, people may ask,”What is niche marketing?”
“What does it have to do with my favorite hobby?”

Well, niche marketing is a select group of people who have a common interest within a market or economy. Whatever your interest is that would be your niche. Many people like you are focused on that topic, passion or niche. How to make money with niche affiliate marketingAnd like you, many people search the internet about that topic, passion or niche. There are millions or possibly billions of niches out there. All of them have markets.
Think of Star Wars or Star Trek or Pokemon. These are niches. Actually with Star Trek there are niches within niches called sub niches like Star Trek: Discovery, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation or star ships from Star Trek or soundtracks from the series including movies. There are many subcategories or sub niches within popular niches on which you can build a website.
Say, you collect Star Trek novels. Or toys. Or kitchen gadgets. Your expertise on any of these subjects under the Star Trek niche would be valuable–to me anyway.
So go ahead. Pick a niche from your hobbies or interest. Create your website. If you need help with creating a website, setting up your website on the internet and buying space for it on the web, I will tell you how to do it quickly and easily.

All you need now are the right resources for your website.

What is an Affiliate and How do I become one?

Since you have your website about your niche or hobby, you need the right resources for your website.
Well, one way is to become an affiliate. What is an affiliate? An affiliate is a person who promotes a company’s products for a commission. That is the easy part. Everyone from Amazon to EBay has an affiliate program. Even Wal-Mart has one. Not only that, there are affiliate programs to join to connect you with companies that are looking for you to promote their products. It is very simple. You register with these companies and agree to sell their products on your website. Soon, I will tell you what to do to find these affiliate programs.

How do I Make Money with my Niche?

Once you become an affiliate, you can monetize your site.

One way to monetize your site is through product reviews offering your opinion on certain products in your niche (or that hobby or interest you have with your new website). People like to know what they are going to How to make money with niche affiliate marketingbuy. Product reviews are very helpful in deciding what that person should or should not buy and your expertise on the subject honestly matters. Providing them with dependable information can be the factor whether they should buy a product or not.

Another way to monetize your website it through advertising on your website. Sometimes, advertisers will offer you a small amount for anyone who buys a product through of an ad on your website. Okay, want to know how? Need help with monetizing your website? I will give you keys to help you with this monetizing your website later in the post.

Who can Help Make my Interest into a Website?

Now that you know the niche (or hobby) you want to use on your website, you may need guidance. A community of people not unlike yourself. They have hobbies, passions and interests and they have done what you are embarking to do. Create a niche website.
Okay, want to create a website easily?

Okay, want to find affiliate programs quickly?

Okay, want to monetize your website?

Try for free Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online academy that teaches people to create niche websites and monetize those websites through easy to follow training. Whether you are a beginner to niche affiliate marketing or not, Wealthy Affiliate has many tips and resources and a community to support you through your process of creating your niche website and making it more visible to the public.
Learn to:

  • Find a niche
  • Build a website in three easy steps through WordPress.
  • Monetize that site and/or create traffic to increase visibility.

Try it for free.

If this is all new to you, get help through Wealthy Affiliate. Try it for free. Whether you have a website or not, they will introduce you to tried-and-true techniques to create a website and generate traffic to your website.


This winds up the discussion of how to make money with niche affiliate marketing. I hope it helps to better explain what I do, why I do what I do and how I do it. Niche affiliate marketing is a blooming market for those who want to work at their passions without the hassle of a boss. Or it’s just a great hobby. Most people monetize their websites to help them keep up this passion or interest. Others want a platform that gives them the opportunity to have their website become more visible on search engines and to people.
This blog explained how to make money through niche affiliate marketing.
We discussed :

  • What is niche marketing?
  • What is an affiliate?
  • How to monetize (or make money) from your niche website
  • And who can help you with making your interest into a great website.

Would you like to become an affiliate marketer in your favorite niche?

If so, leave a comment below or just click on the Wealthy Affiliate link to find out more and start your niche website for free.






  1. This is a great article, very informative. I agree, that WA is the best out there for training and how to have a money-making blog/website. Great support and community to bounce ideas off members. Thank you! đŸ™‚

  2. Hi there, and thanks for this tutorial.

    I was thinking of making money with a website before and now seeing this I get a better understanding of how this would work.

    Where can I get a website from and what would that cost?

    1. I work with Wealthy Affiliate. And it’s absolutely free to sign-up and get started with your website. It’s a trial version. Wealthy Affiliate helps you through WordPress to create a website of your dreams for an online business.I would tell anyone to signup today!

  3. Hi Tricia,
    Great post about the affiliate marketing. A lot of us (especially moms) would like to earn money working from home. And it looks like that the affiliate marketing could help us with that. I know for a fact that it will not make you a millionaire overnight, but it will provide you with a good income if you put an afford into it (like with any other business). Plus you would be able to create value for your audience and share your experience!
    It is awesome that WA offers you a trial time to see whether affiliate marketing is something that you would be interested in. The cool part about this program is that it actually teaches you all the tricks in affiliate marketing and provides you with a huge support!

  4. Great information, this is very helpful! I really like how easily you broke down what niche affiliate marketing is, and how it can benefit anyone who would like to pursue it and the value it can bring. Keep up the good work!

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