Everyone loves him. He is the almost omnipotent, practically immortal and always mischievous Q. They are…he is Q. Just one word. And he is part of a race we do not fully understand, but wish we were a part of its mischievous clan. So powerfully popular is Q, I have made Q and Star Trek Voyager part of my dynamic duo review. He was immensely popular with Picard and the Enterprise, testing their moral judgment in many episodes. We thought Q was all consumed with the human race in that part of space. And just when we thought we had enough of him in the Alpha Quadrant, Q shows his close to limitless powers by visiting the Delta Quadrant…looking for one starship… Voyager.


So, who is Q? Q is a race of people given just one name for all. Q. Just Q really. All are named Q. And they came about when Gene Roddenberry headed a remake of the original series bought by a new up and running network called FOX. In his first two episodes from “Encounter at Farpoint,” Gene Roddenberry lacked 30 minutes in his script for the 2-hour special premiere. So, Gene created the character Q to be incliuded in the first two episodes. The race Q was developed from Trelane, a mischievous alien in Star Trek original series 17th episode of season 1,”The Squire of Gothos.” And the letter Q was chosen from a woman Gene Roddenberry knew. Her name is Janet Quarton.

The Q appear to be a collective in a way, but are also individuals. They have been known to disagree within their own ranks. But, we don’t exactly know where they are. Q secretly spies on alien races measuring each races moral maturity and judging the other races as they see fit. Star Trek characters understand Q through a metaphor because humans do not have the ability to understand Q on the Continuum’s level of intelligence.

So, where the Q are or how they actually exist or even how they came about remains a mystery.



In each of these episodes, an actor plays a Q from the Q Continuum.

is the original Q from the Enterprise-John de Lancie who is known for
his work on “Days of Our Lives’ as Eugene Bradford and appearing on the
movie “Hand That Rocks The Cradle.” His list of filmography includes MacGuyver, Doctor Who and and it is rumored that he played in a television series with William Shatner called “Little Women.”
Quinn form “The Death Wish” played by Garret Graham. He acted on Child’s Play 2.

Miss Q from the “Death Wish” played by Suzie Plakson. You remember her from
a few Star Trek characters. Most notably, she played K’Ehleyr, a half Klingon and half human ambassador. You may remember her from “Mad About
You” and “Murphy Brown.”

Colonel Q was played by Harve Presnell. If he looks familiar, it is because of his “Pretender” fame as Mrs. Parker’s dad in the NBC drama. Mr. Presnell passed in 2009.
And who does not remember Q Junior played by John de Lancie’s real life son, Keegan? It’s true!



Q and Star Trek Voyager first make contact with each other in the 18th episode of Voyager’s second season. A Q which we call Quinn appears on board Voyager asking for asylum against the Continuum. The Classic Q we know enters almost immediately after him on Voyager. The Continuum has sent Q after Quinn because they believe Quinn is not will for wanting on simple wish. Death. This episode starts the trilogy accompanied with episodes “The Q and the Grey” and then “Q2.”

John DeLancie goes on to be quoted as saying,” This is what Star Trek does best,” in an E News broadcast taping before the show’s controversial episode. Kate Mulgrew states in the same interview that,”It’s a classic.” The themes for the 18th episode are suicide, capital punishment and political asylum.

“The Q and the Grey,” the 11th episode of the 3rd season, deals with the repercussions and fallout of the previous episode where Q takes Janeway to the Continuum in metaphor and show her the Civil War motif as a means to convey the message of in-fighting within the Continuum. All of this based on Janeway’s judgment of the first installment. If you will remember your civil war history, you know who wore the blue uniforms and who wore the grey .

Q has a plan to reunite the realm but he needs Janeway’s help.

In the last episode of the trilogy, we see a version of Q’s plan hatched out in “Q2” where Janeway is called in again by Q to assist him and the Continuum. “Q2” was written for the 19th episode of Voyager’s 7th season. Q has a son, Q Junior and he is a lot like his dad. The themes deal with parenting, hypocrisy and messiah ship if that be a word.


I always enjoy Q whenever he pops up in the Star Trek universe. He appeared on the Enterprise in the Next Generation and on Deep Space Nine. The Q and Star Trek: Voyager duo are no different. He tends to trouble captains putting them in dilemmas to rate the human race as a whole morally. His job is to decide if we are worthy of existence.



If you are looking for more Q Continuum fun, you will have to buy the books. John de Lancie’s last television episode on Star Trek Voyager was “Q2. ”
However, Amazon sells novels written by Peter David called “Q-in-Law” on Kindle for $8.99 or paperback for around $12 and “Q-squared” sold for $13 on Kindle and $30 new in paperback. These are just to name a few novels you can add to your Q collection.

Also, you can buy Star Trek: Voyager The Complete Season 2, 3 and 7 for $30 each to own all Q episodes from this series on Amazon. Q’s presence on Star Trek: Voyager was necessary for the series’ longevity, but that is just my opinion.
How do you rate Q on Star Trek:Voyager?


  1. To be honest, I am not a Star Trek fan myself and I hardly watch any of the episode. But I came across this informative article about ‘Q’. And it triggers my interest to find out more or to ‘catch’ this character in Star Trek. I bet this article would not just interest to the fan but it would build up some positive perception to those who never watch Start Trek before.

  2. Ahhh, Q. What an unforgettable character! When he was first introduced on “The Next Generation” I immediately hoped we would see more of him. His mystery, intellect and mischievous nature made him irresistible.

    I’m glad they put him through into other narratives in the Star Trek family. I watched all episodes of ST:Voyager, even though Janeway’s voice was so “un-captain-like” it annoyed me to grimacing!

    Have you tuned in to the new “Star Trek: Discovery”?! So far I am VERY impressed. The thing I like most about it is how it feels like I’m watching a movie, not a tv show. I think it ‘s a combination of the placement and type of music they’re using and the directing. Now if they bring Q back in THIS series, that would be the BOMB!

    My favorite Q moments, I have to say, were always Picard and Q playing intellect and deduction tennis with each other. Those scenes are so memorable. Picard seeing Q as a whiny brat and Q seeing Picard as a sincere but clueless child are endlessly entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing that de Lancie’s son was on the show as Q’s younger self. I did not know that! Way cool.

    As my parting shot I’ll offer this: What if the BORG found a way to assimliate the Q?? I don’t think the universe would stand a chance!! lol

    1. Thanks.  I have seen Star Trek: Discovery. It is an excellent show.  Very much movie-like. And I thought about the BORG assimilating the Q, but since the Q introduced Picard and co. to the Borg, of course, the Q know how to defeat them.  In a snap, perhaps. Thanks again.

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