Star Trek: Discovery is boldly taking CBS where it has never gone before with the All Access CBS streaming service. CBS has an All Access live stream if you haven’t heard. You can watch a program after it airs 24/7. It is competing with Netflix and Hulu for new viewers and it is taking Star Trek: Discovery along for the ride.


Star Trek-Comic Con
Cast & creators panel at SDCC 2017

The new star trek spin off Star Trek: Discovery debuted on CBS regular television on September 24 at 7:30 Central Standard Time with the episode “The Vulcan Hello.” All other episodes will be streamed on its pioneering All Access CBS streaming service. These episodes will only be accessed through CBS streaming service on Sundays at the same time. It is the first of the traditional broadcast networks to start streaming TV like Netflix and Hulu stream. So why Star Trek Discovery on CBS?


Leverage. And from a loyal and tech oriented audience. Star Trek fans are devoted to its franchise and happen to also enjoy cutting edge technology. Streaming TV is on the brink of what television has to offer. “Orange Is The New Black” is a testament to the force and viability of streaming television. Only a fraction of television viewers actually stream television, but with Star Trek Discovery on CBS’s All Access live streaming TV, this may change the landscape quickly and in CBS’s favor. CBS wants to gain new ground in this particular venture.


Don’t think CBS does not know it is taking a big gamble. Star Trek Discovery takes $8 million to make per episode and makes it one of CBS’s most expensive series, but CBS believes in the fan base and understands the stakes. It has employed great talent like actress Sonequa Martin-Green from the “Walking Dead” and Michelle Yeoh from “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon” fame.

Martin-Green plays first officer Michael Burnham to Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou on board the USS Shenzhou. She later serves with Captain Lorca on the ship USS Discovery. Jason Isaacs joins the series a few episodes later as this captain. The series is a prequel to Star Trek great trio of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. But CBS still decided to play on Star Trek: The Original Series history with Spock’s dad Sarek appearing in the first episode and Harry Mudd making an appearance in the series as well.

Look for tribbles to arise in the series quite quickly. CBS is pulling out all the stops with nods to the original series in hopes of gaining more viewers to take a chance on its streaming service. Also, look for the best special effects on this series than any other before it. They should win any Emmy on that or makeup alone. The Klingons and other aliens really have sophisticated and advanced looks.
Look for Star Trek The Next Generation veteran Jonathan Frakes to direct an episode or maybe two. He seems to be excited to do so. He let on to a few details just before the premiere of the first episode “The Vulcan Hello.” That by itself seemed to cause a frenzy in the Star Trek Universe.



CBS All Access is live streaming television and it does stream Star Trek Discovery every Sunday at 7:30 pm. It even has a monthly or annual price plan for subscribers and a free trial of 7 days for annual subscribers and 2-Day Free trial for monthly subscribers that are new to the live streaming experience. Particularly with Star Trek Discovery, “After Trek,” a broadcast running after the show with interviews from some cast and crew will air immediately after Star Trek Discovery.

You can watch Star Trek: Discovery on a myriad of devices like Apple TV, Roku, Windows 10, Xbox and PS4. It makes watching Star Trek Discovery very easy. Not only that, CBS has thrown in access to all Star Trek episodes in every series in the franchise from your personal device.


Well Star Trek fans reviews were out almost before the premiere which was on September the 24th. Fans commented on everything from the Klingons refreshed look to having more female roles on the new series. Their reviews as usual were very honest and if you go on YouTube you can find many, many reviews and opinions on the new series.


All the series have been controversial starting with the first one, Star Trek: The Original Series. Diversity again was a central topic of the discussions. But Star Trek may have garnered a few more viewers this way. It was a few men who actually applauded these facts believing Star Trek did it again. They go where no one has gone before and boldly.

Action was also a topic of discussion. Some people wanted more. Some people like the talking more. The dialog was sharp and cleverly written in my view. The production also came up in a number of discussions as the value and quality of it. It did seem state-of-the-art or at least very close. You could feel it all through out of the show and it did uplift Star Trek Discovery. For this reason, it may be hard not to watch. Most were just ready for the new series to air.


Star Trek: Discovery executive producers include Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman and Gretchen J. Berg. There are a few more notable names involved and not just in production. But all in all, we must realize this is a big undertaking. These producers, writers, and actors really seemed to enjoy the Star Trek fan base and the canon. “The Vulcan Hello” is the first episode to air followed by “Battle at the Binary Stars” and many other Earth and Sunepisodes after that. Make no mistakes, CBS put a lot of chips on the table. CBS All Access may be on its way to stepping in the right direction with streaming television. Using a Star Trek series, may have been its clever step into the future of television.


  1. Wow. CBS is making bold moves to get into the streaming market. I had no idea they were even in the market. Kicking off with the Discovery series should really make a lot of fans happy. Great post.

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