Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 8VAULTING AMBITION

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 12 “Vaulting Ambition” aims to expose Captain Lorca’s true plans and his hunger to repossess the Terran Empire. Opportunistic? To say the least. The title quoting Shakespeare’s play “MacBeth” and cluing us into Lorca’s state of mind, we also watch Lorca cross people and universes to enter the Imperial ship for one purpose-a coup against Georgiou. Here we learn why Burnham is so important to him and what is at stake for Discovery to return home.



Michael Burnham


Ash Tyler/Voq

Paul Stamets

Sylvia Tilly

Captain Gabriel Lorca

Emperor Georgiou


Dr. Hugh Culber

Lord Eling

Captain Maddox


Senior Guard

Dr. Pollard

Junior Guard



Traveling by shuttle craft to Emperor Georgiou’s flagship, the ISS Charon, Burnham and Lorca discuss meeting with the alternate universe Georgiou and their mission in the Imperial palace ship which is to track down intelligence on the USS Defiant. The data files Saru and crew analyzed was mostly redacted. A lofty goal considering…Statmets is improving with care

RANGOON, Burma (March 9, 2014) Actress Michelle Yeoh speaks at the pre-conference luncheon of the East-West Center International Media Conference. At the luncheon, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi announced the launch of the Suu Foundation, a humanitarian organization dedicated to advancing the health and education of the people of Myanmar (Burma). Yeoh is a board member of the foundation. [Department photo by William Ng/Public Domain]
from Saru and Tilly, but he is still in a coma and his brain is somewhere in the mycelial network. Floating there with his carbon copy genius scientist, the other Stamets admits to a miscalculation in an exercise with the spore drive. They both are in a coma and trapped in the mycelial network. And the network is polluted. Our Stamets has a get away plan form it.

In the hall of the ISS Charon, Georgiou meets with Burnham and Lorca. She presents Burnham with a present. Three Kelpiens stand by and Burnham must choose which one,but for what purpose, she does not know. The choice, alternate universe Saru.

In Sick Bay, Tyler and Voq compete for dominance of the body both inhabit. Between screams of hate form Voq, Saru hears the pleas from Tyler for help. What is Saru to do?

Over dinner of Kelpian cuisine(Poor Saru), Georgiou quizzes Burnham on her hesitance to rush Harlak as commanded. Her working theory is Burnham and Lorca are colluding to topple Georgiou. Stating Burnham and Lorca became more than teacher and student more like intimate, Georgiou explains with a knife to Burnham’s neck. Her decision is clear. Execute Burnham. The crime. Treason.

The Stamets twins chart a path out of the network. Prime Stamets sees Dr. Culber.

Execution time for Burnham. Enter the throne room.

The Imperial Council surrounds her when Burnham confesses her true identity. Giving Empress Georgiou the Starfleet pennant of the prime universe Georgiou, the empress pieces together the puzzle. She executes the Imperial Council except for one. The deal is he is tight-lipped about this situation and he gains a governorship. Emperor Georgiou is well aware of the Federation.

In the brig, Saru persuades L’Rell to explain Ash Tyler/Voq. She elucidates that Ash Tyler’s organs were donated for the surgery to alter Klingon Voq after Ash Tyler was captured at the Battle of the Binary Stars…

Catching up with Culber in their quarters, Stamets uncovers the truth. Culber is dead.

Emperor Georgiou offers another trade in the throne room. To Burnham. The redacted data of the USS Defiant for the spore drive construction plans.

Saru has an idea to end Ash Tyler’s pain. Beaming Tyler/Voq to L’Rell’s cell, Saru leaves him there. She must decide what to do with him.

L’Rell chooses to perform a ritual ending in a Klingon death cry.  Only she can touch him.  With gloves hands that extend sharp thin blades, L’;Rell touches Tyler/Voq’s head.

In their quarters, Culber snitches on the alternate Stamets. The is the reason the mycelial network is polluted. This pollution will corrode the known universes-both of them.  He also informs Stamets that he is dead.  It crushes Stamets.  He does not want to gone on without Culber.   His partner reassures Stamets that he must keep right on going.

Both Stamets awaken. One on the ISS Charon, the other on Discovery.

Georgiou leaks more Intel to Burnham about her alternate’s relationship to Lorca enough evidence to surmise that Lorca is the mirror universe Lorca as he frees himself from the agonizer booth.


Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 12 “Vaulting Ambition” gave us excellent drama and surprising twists (some predictable), but all in all a good show. Hanelle M. Culpepper directed this episode. Her work includes TV hits like “Gotham,” “Empire,” and “Criminal Minds.” Her ability to capture Emperor Georgiou’s longing for her daughter and Burnham’s surprise of Lorca’s true identity was exceptional. Not a minute lost in storytelling. Jordon Nardino’s writing talent has not suffered one bit. After writing for “Desperate Housewives” and “Gilmore Girls,” he put his abilities to good use here. The Georgetown University alumni easily fit together the clues left by the show’s previous writers to create the picture of Lorca’s true identity. His high-flown ambition to “reclaim what is rightfully” his-The Terran Empire. Masterfully done. Michelle Yeoh is always a pleasure to have back on Star Trek: Discovery. Her presence always felt and welcomed. Great show this week.


So, Lorca revealed as the mirror Lorca was this week’s big surprise as well as Burnham and Georgiou’s counterparts relationship. Burnham’s parents still die in the alternate universe. A fact Burnham cannot escape in either universe. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 12 has answered a few questions and produced a few others. Please feel free t leave a comment below and answer any of these question. Stay tuned for Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 13 “What’s Past Is Prologue.”

How will Star Trek: Discovery get back home?

Will Burnham give the spore drive secrets to Georgiou breaking the Prime Directive?

How will the crew deal with Lorca now that his new identity is exposed?


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