If you are a Star Trek fan then you are watching Star Trek: Discovery-yes? And since you are watching the show then you are asking yourself about Star Trek: Discovery uniform colors and designStar Trek: Discovery uniform colors and design and why the producers deviated from The Original Series-correct?

Well this post and review embarks on a journey to answer those question and possibly other questions you have related to Discovery’s uniforms. They are unlike any other Star Trek uniforms to date and like wise as in other iterations of Star Trek, they are unique to their series.


The producers of Star Trek: Discovery catwalked between Star Trek: The Enterprise and The Original Series. The blue jumpsuits and myriad of zippers from The Enterprise were borrowed and the badges were lent by The Original Series to form a hybridized uniform in Star Trek: Discovery.

The Elongated Star-Command Badge Division
Ringed Planet-Sciences Badge Division
Spirals-Operations Badge Division
Divisions are merely work specialty areas or jobs of the crew on the ship. Like a doctor or engineer or communications officer. Maybe security chief. In the Star Trek universe there are three for Starfleet. Everyone fits into one Star Trek: Discovery uniform colors and designof these divisions when working on a starship. Star Trek: Discovery’s divisions are the same as in Star Trek: The Original Series and The Enterprise and other versions of Star Trek for the most part. Nothing has really changed in the organization of the Fleet just how the divisions are represented. Change. Evolution. Inevitable.
The rank on Star Trek: Discovery is displayed using the pips as on Star Trek; The Next Generation. Where is the time loop to this story?

The designer of the Star Trek: The Original Series uniforms was William Ware Theiss who also created the Star Trek: The Next Generation first version of uniform until Patrick Stewart clued the producers of the show he would have to drop out of Star Trek because the one piece jumpsuit was causing a back injury. Renditions of the uniform were then created by Robert Blackman. He was also responsible for The Next Generations film uniforms. Robert Fletcher spawned the Star Trek films’ uniforms for the Original Series with William Shatner.

Star Trek: Discovery uniform colors

Star Trek: Discovery’s costume designer is Gersha Phillips. Her works include “Falling Skies” by Steven Spielberg (the science fiction alien invasion TV series on TNT) and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” Watching Star Trek as a kid and having seen all the movies, Phillips enjoys designing for Star Trek; Discovery calling it her “creative playground” and that the actors looked like “Super heroes” when wearing the costumes.


There are actually four.
The division colors are not like The Original Series or The Next Generation. No. Star Trek: Discovery’s four division colors are:

Gold-Command Division

Silver-Sciences Division

Copper-Operations Division

White-Medical Division

How well did you like the white uniforms? The medical profession has always emerged as the pristine division in our own well as the 23rd century.

Pictured (l-r): Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Good to see.
Eye-catching, weren’t they. They really stood out to me.

It was a huge difference from the series though. The Origianl Series primary colors were:

Gold-Command Division

Red-Engineering, Communications and Security Divisions
Blue-Sciences and Medical Divisions
These are slightly different from Discovery’s division or job related structures in that there are only three division, but they are the same divisions regrouped.
Star Trek: The Next Generation refreshed the divisions or jobs again. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation, the division colors are:

Red-Command Division

Gold-Operations Division

Blue-Sciences and Medical Division

Take chances. Trail blaze is what I say.

The designations of division by colors are located on “delta panel.” That is what Gersha Phillips calls these rises down the sides of the shirts and on the seams of the trousers of the uniforms. “Delta” maybe because the shape is Star Trek: Discovery uniform colorsthe same as the delta insignia of Starfleet. These tiny symbols pay homage to the classic series and the later versions of the show. I do not actually know why Star Trek Discovery chose these three colors of Gold, silver and copper or bronze, yet.

However, the blue base color of the jumpsuit may blend in better than the red, gold and blue colors of the Original Series and The Next Generation.


All in all the costumes look spectacular. They just seem to fit into the iteration of the Star Trek universe. Producers have promised to tie it all into canon. I believe we will not be disappointed.

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A good question to ask is: Where do I wear my new Star Trek: Discovery Uniform? Well, there are many places to wear your Starfleet prize. You can Star always address like Discovery while watching the show. Or you may be asked to a party that is watching the next episode together. Always inquire if it is a good idea if you can dress the part by the party’s host. You might be asked to bring a food or drink. (Please click on What food do I bring to a Star Trek party.) There are all type of Star Trek conventions to attend throughout the year and this would be a good time to display your Star Trek pride especially to the new Discovery series since it brought in 200% more viewers to CBS All Access. Did you know how well this show is doing?

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Then there is always the Star Trek convention held annual and in Las Vegas. Trekkers love to dress up to these even guest stars and stars alike are interviewed by a host and answer questions from the fans! Why not Comic Con instead?

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So now you have your questions answered about the colors and design of the new Star Trek: Discovery uniforms. We threw in a surprise or two as well. Star Trek Universe is about evolution. It is how we grow as a people. I hope you have found this post and review informative.


  1. To be honest since Star Trek Enterprise where the uniforms where mostly blue I had issues with it. What I loved about Star Trek is the colorful outfits from the previous series.
    If you see the suits, the Discovery uniforms don’t stand out unless they have the communicators which are probably what they were going for when designing the suits (something that doesn’t grab your immediate attention, which could be beneficial when they are fighting).
    They look practical and I think you don’t have to wear them only to Star Trek events but can wear them in your daily life too (if you remove the communicator).

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