It’s that time of year again ladies. Fall has set in. Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes. Halloween is right around the corner. What are you going to dress as? If you are looking for ideas this Halloween why not try a Star Trek theme. They have several Starfleet costumes to choose from. You are sure to be a hit at the costume party or trick-or-treating with the kids.


Star Trek Halloween costumes for women can be very expensive with a price range around $425 this year from sites like But you can buy a reasonable Star Trek costume for a much less expensive price for the big day.

Who has it?

Amazon and Wal-Mart may be your best bet when it comes to Star Trek Halloween costumes. They both sell them online for a reasonable price. Although these are not the only retail stores, they are both very reliable. However, if you must have other choices sells them and They price match and give a 20% discount off this year. and are a few other sites that have Star Trek Starfleet Officer costumes, too.
With their normal return policy intact, our focus will be on Amazon and Wal-Mart online services.


Amazon sells the Star Trek Dress Costume for the female Red Duty Uniform. Its sizes are x-small, small, medium and Large. 67% of the women reported the outfit fitting as expected with 17% reporting the outfit was somewhat small. It is made of quality cotton fabric and is given a 54 star rating. Boots are not included.


The Star Trek The Next Generation Deluxe Jumpsuit Costume at Amazon is also sold. The jumpsuit is made of polyester. It has long sleeve and bears the StarFleet emblem on the front. Handwash this item in cold water and dry flat. It looks just like the jumpsuits worn by the women of Star Trek The Next Generation.

The reviews were mixed. Some women did not like the pin on insignia while others reported the fit being tight at first and as you wear the uniform it conforms to your body. You may have to use Picard’s tug on the uniform since the torso is short in some women’s opinion.

Amazon only offers the top to the Star Trek Voyager costume and not the pants. The sizes are x-small, small, medium, large and X-large. The command uniform only comes in red and engineering yellow. The costume includes the jacket, the shirt underneath and a detachable badge. No captain’s pips. Those must be bought as accessories and they are going fast. The material is cotton and polyester mix.

However, a 7 of 9 outfit can be found at It is the metallic silver just like Seven’s outfit and their sizes are x-small to x-large.
Wal-Mart offers a Star Trek Classic Deluxe dress just like the one Uhura swears in gold, blue or red. It has a rank stripe and the Starfleet insignia on the left. Theses are handwashed cold water and dry flat. Also, Walmart warns not to bleach the attire.

The reviews are modest with the sizes being a little off from what the size charts say. The fit may be smaller than you imagine it to be. But all in all the reports were the costume was of good quality.

The Womens Star Trek The Next Generation Command Uniform at Wal-Mart sells at $33. The sizes are x-small, small and medium. It is made by Rubies Costume Company as well.


Sticking with the Amazon theme, remember to accessorize your outfit. Amazon and Wal-Mart also offer Star Trek The Next Generation phaser gun accessory. It looks just like the one Data would wear. Walmart sells another rendition of the original Star Trek phaser for about $8 as well. It does not look as detailed at all. If you are going with the original series outfits ladies, why not put on Star Trek Classic Spock Ears from Amazon. The ears fit most adults.
You can find offers the Star Trek Starfleet Brooch at Amazon. You receive five kinds of Star Trek badges from Command, Engineering, Medical, Science and .communication. Two pins on the back hold the brooch in place. It gets a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.
Reviews on this item from Amazon are essentially that is does not break easily and that it is highly recommended to buy. Customers commented on the good quality of the brooch and liked everything from its material to the size of the brooch. Others say the pins are strong enough that they won’t allow the brooch to turn up side down all evening when you wear it.
This could be reused next year, but some reviewers say it can be used as a collector’s item as well.

Others believe the cut out on the badge makes them look cheap, but you decide.

The Star Trek Light-and-Sound Communicator (Miniature Editions) is a great item to add to your costume. It is a kit that contains the small iconic communicator about 2/3 the size of the original and has light and sound with the device. It also comes with a 48-page book on the history of communicators with full-color photos. On Amazon, it was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.


For the most part, the outfits in this post have been made by Rubies Costume Company.

Rubies is the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of costumes and is family owned. They have been around for 65 years. It designs for Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Super Girl and many other costumes like Star Wars: Rogue One. They sell in the US, Canada, Europe and Mexico to name a few countries. There occasions are anything from Halloween to Christmas masquerade balls and everything in between.


If you are an away team member of the trick-or-treating landing party or attend a costume party this year, Star Trek costumes are a good bet. Most people know the franchise will enough to guess who or what you are coming as if you dress up as a Starfleet Officer. And you just might enjoy it as well.
So, this Halloween try a Star Trek theme.


  1. I have always been a Trekkie. But, I have never dressed up as an official member of the Star Trek crew.

    That idea is totally inspirational! However, I never knew until I read your article how readily available these costumes are.

    I could buy the Vulcan ears and go as Lt. Saavik!

    Do they also have Romulan and Klingon costumes for women? I have some friends who would love to dress as one of them!

    Very informative article!


    1. Okay. Pricey. Klingon costume online like at for $60. Boots, gloves and makeup sold separately.  But they are sold there.  Other sites maybe…Ebay, Amazon and they are running out fast for Klingon wear.   Romulan even more difficult. for anywhere from $128-$150. Really expensive to look like a Romulan.

  2. Hello, you seem to love Star trek a lot. It is not really a thing for me, I prefer comedy or romantic movies but you make me want to wear a Star trek costume this halloween. I like how you described the Next Generation Deluxe Jumpsuit costume and I feel like checking it out. Thank you for the review.

  3. I remember watching this show with my dad when I was a kid:) I love your site and how informative it is on the costumes!! I couldn’t find any pictures of the characters or costumes though so I would know what to choose from. I looked through the menu and may have missed it? Great site!

    1. Thanks and good question.  I am searching for pics that are not blocked by copyright even now.  Thank you,  again. 

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