Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.7 x 2.7 inches
Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
Most Reliable Place To Buy: Amazon
Materials: Nickel and brass plated die-cast details
Battery: Included and rechargeable
For ages: 2 years and older
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

The Star Trek Phaser Remote is a must have. Should I buy it? Absolutely. This is a review explaining the ins and outs of the remote and what to expect when you buy it. I believe you will enjoy the remote control for years to come.
It is a 3 part disassembled phaser. The case in which it mailed includes a screwdriver and a USB cable to recharge the lithium battery. The lithium battery lasts the lifetime of the remote and cannot be replaced. Included in the case in an instruction manual.

It can be programmed having 4 memory banks that hold 9 different codes each. So your remote control responds to 36 different commands. Each memory bank glows red, blue, green or yellow. This way you can easily remember what memory bank stores what code.

Manufactured by the Wand Company that created to Harry Potter Wand remote and distributed by The River Trading Company, this remote is sure to please the Star Trek lover in your household. The Wand Company was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom by Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley. It is known for producing the magic wand remote control. Harry Potter fans love it. The River Trading Company has been around for about ten years.


Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control Prop Replica
This remote has the best that Star Trek has to offer when it comes to the look of the phaser. It is meticulously replicated and very detailed. It was created by a 3D scan of the last Star Trek phaser prop from the hit show. You will love fire the phaser at the television to change the station especially when coupled with the sound effects from Star Trek: The Original Series.

It actually has a duplicated dilithium crystal chamber that turns the same color as the tip of the phaser called the emitter. That emitter extends and pulls back when you turn the muzzle ring near it. You can turn it just as Captain Kirk did. Then just pull the trigger for the emitter to glow. The aspirator grille and sight can be lifted and lowered by turning the thumb wheel. Perfect for shooting Klingons.

The dial located on the top of the phaser controls the sound effects of the device and can make nine different sounds from the original series. The sound grows stronger and more intense with each turn of the dial. So you can look and sound like the hit show. It even has the fins on the back of the phaser. This is a great addition to your collection if you do not want to use it as a remote. It really is very well detailed and is a great look a like from the TV series.


Most people reviewed loved this product because of its authentic design. It honestly is a screen duplicate of the actual phaser used on the set, but it is not symmetrical like the originals. It is truly high quality. It is of good weight and not flimsy at all. Most people believed it comes with a great feel to it and wanted to keep this for their collection of Star Trek memorabilia. The work and finish are just that closely related to the design seen on the television show. It looked and sounded just like the original.
A few complaints were found. Most complaints were the remote was not easy to program to their TV or DVD which is the promise of the manufacturer. Some thought it can only respond to simple commands. Download or read the user manual at The Wand Company. Please make sure that your system is compatible to the remote. The Star Trek control works with infra-red remotes and is not suitable for not radio frequency remotes or Bang and Olufsen.

It may get stuck in firing mode. If this happens you have to turn it on and off to stop it was another issue by a few reviewers. One person said the lights and sounds did not work well on the remote.
In every disgruntled case the item was easily returned and refunds were issued.


Look for this item to arrive on time when it is shipped from the distributor. It is delivered in a plastic dark case of good weight with the letters NCC-1701 Standard Issue Phaser. It has an authorization label to write in your name or the name of the gift recipient. Pretty Cool, huh? The case is weighty. When you open the case the dissembled remote is packaged in dark foam. The phaser has five parts. Three parts make up the phaser to assemble. The other two parts are the stand and the USB cord for recharging.
The five parts of the phaser are:

Phaser 1-can control alone
Phaser 2-must be assembled with Phaser 1 and The Grip
The Grip-contains the trigger button for executing remote control commands
The Screwdriver-Screws the grip in place
The Stand-placing the phaser on it when phaser not in use


After considering all the aspects, I give the Star Trek Remote Control a 4 out of 5 stars. This is a great gadget for personal use, but if your parents, siblings or friends visit for any celebration, they will be lost on how this device works to turn to Sunday Night Football. So, it is my belief this remote is not practical for everyone, just for Star Trek fans. If you are not a gadget person, it may be a little difficult to program the remote.
However, for any Star Trek fan this is the best remote control ever! The Gestures! The Sound Effects! The Design! What else could anyone else ask for. This remote is for the truest of Star Trek fans. Use it as a remote or keep it as a part of your collection. Time will make this a great antique in a few years. This can easily be ranked as one of the highest quality Star Trek devices ever in my opinion.

The Decision Is Yours…

This remote control is a must have and the Wand Company has produced another high quality work. This remote is a good buy for a remote or your Star Trek collection. It makes as excellent gift for the Star Trek lover in your house.

What do you think about the Star Trek Remote Control- the decision is in your hands?


  1. My family loves Star Trek so this would make a great addition to our house. I love how much research and thought you have put into this. Thank you.

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