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Mr. Spock and his logic were always lovable. People always wanted to think like him. Now there are Star Trek puzzles that just might help you do that. Sale on mind boggling games. These brain busters are sure to baffle even the most Vulcan of us all. Here I have comprised five puzzles that will undoubtedly addle you.


First is Star Trek: Federation Space. This board game is an extension of the Star Trek Catan. Star Trek Catan is based on the Catan series. Kirk and crew must settle unknown worlds by building star bases and outposts near them and deal with the troublesome Klingons along the way.

This expansion series, Star Trek Federation Space, allows Kirk and Spock to travel known sectors of the galaxy. Remember Sherman’s planet? Explore Vulcan and The Gateway Planet in “City on the Edge of Forever”, Tellar from the episode “Journey to Babel” and many other planets on the Catan map that relatively match the map shown in Kirk’s ready room on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country!

Star Trek: Federation Space

This is undoubtedly a collector’s item.


What about these star trek jigsaw puzzles. I believe Mr. Spock was excellent at putting pieces together in any mystery, well, quite logically. Why not try out, Star Trek: Federation Ships and Star Trek: Enemy Ships. Identify as many ships as you can shown in the television series as well as from the movies of the franchise by piecing together these jigsaw puzzles.

  • 1500 piece set
  • 33 inches by 22 inches

Star Trek Federation Ships

Star Trek Enemy Ships


Last, but not least, the 3D model sets. Metal Earth: USS Enterprise and Metal Earth: Klingon Bird of Prey. These would be taxing for even the most logical of Vulcans. Simply assemble the steel sheets with no need for glue or any extra adhesive. You only need wire cutters to separate the pieces. They are mind boggling! Comes with easy to read instructions, but these puzzles may stump the most experienced riddle solving authority.

Metal Earth: Star Trek - U.S.S. Enterprise - NCC-1701

Metal Earth: Star Trek - Klingon Bird-of-Prey


Here you can find a Star trek puzzle for any Star Trek enthusiast.  The nostalgia alone of Star Trek: Federation Space will make this gift a beloved collector’s item as well as a great game night pleaser fro the family. The Star Trek jigsaw puzzles can entertain Trekker on a rainy day. And the tough 3D model sets can baffle the most logical Star Trek fanatic.  So, if you are interested, buy these products today.


  1. I love this post, I really want to get one of those 3D puzzles to put together. They look challenging! I love the various options you provide!

  2. Being a star trek enthusiast myself, I have really enjoyed learning about these different types of puzzles. They seem very cool and fun to put together, especially the 3d model without any glue! Definitely going to be checking these out and trying to decide which to buy. Vulcan on!

  3. Great post thanks for sharing! I used to watch Star Trek constantly as a teenager, mainly next generation, and of course the old Captain Kirk series kicked ass as well.
    I also remember enjoying puzzles as a small child so I really need to check out the 3D ones, that looked pretty cool.

    Are they still adding new items in the product line?


    1. I enjoy Star Trek and Star Trek: TNG. This is what I have seen so far with the puzzles geared toward the Star Trek series. I will keep my eyes open, Mike. And thanks.

  4. My son absolutely love Star Wars, so these puzzles are perfect for a Christmas gift. I do believe that he would love the 3-D puzzles. Do you know what age bracket they say they are good for?

  5. Hi there, my 2 sons and 1 daughters are serious Star Trek enthusiasts and are always on my case to get them these puzzles and games which they love to play every single day, my youngest is crazy into jigsaws also and will certainly try them out and my eldest is keen into the 3D models, great post, roughly speaking what prices are available?

    1. At this time,3-30-18, the Catan expansion game is around $32.00, the Federation Ships and Enemy Ships are $20.00. And the Metal Earth 3D Puzzles are $15. My apologies, I should have put up the prices on the post.

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