The Sonequa Martin Green Bio


Star Trek: Discovery

How did Star Trek: Discovery rocket to success weeks after its launch? Let’s try an answer that question. The Sonequa Martin Green bio will take a closer look at the actress who made a strong contribution to its maturation. Star Trek had not released a television series since “The Enterprise” which was axed after its fourth season. Taking a chance on another series over a decade later must have sent executive producers knees knocking especially since the new show would debut on CBS’ new online service only. The Star Trek franchise needed a star to head the new series and they needed the right one out of the gate.  There could be very few mistakes with the new “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Enter Sonequa Martin Sonequa Martin Green on DiscoveryGreen. Before even seeing the new series on television, many naysayers believed she was not the correct actress for the role. Even with the success on “The Walking Dead” and “Once Upon A Time,” a mass of haters decided she did not have the acting credentials to tackle a leading Star Trek role.

Did this hinder the actress? If so, I can not tell and neither can the execs at CBS.  With an extension of episodes for season 1 and greenlight for a season 2, Star Trek: Discovery appears to be here for awhile and no small feat to the lead actress.

Star Trek: Discovery’s gravy train has not ceased with its hiatus before season 2. Sonequa Martin Green as well as Doug Jones has been nominated for a Saturn award.


Here are basic facts about the actress.

Name: Sonequa Martin Green

Born: March 21, 1985

Birthplace: Russelville, Alabama

Height: 5’4″

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Parents: Charles and Vera Martin

Siblings: One sister and three older half-sisters

Hobbies: Cooking

Alma Mater: University of Alabama in 2007

Bachelor:Theater and Dance


Green was born in the small town of Russelville, Alabama to Charles and Vera Martin. Under 10,000

Pictured (l-r): Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

people in population and the county seat of Franklin, the city has a name for a few successful people: Miss Alabama USA 2011 Madeline Mitchell and rock composer Lee Clayton. Now it has Sonequa Martin Green. And July 27, is Sonequa Martin Green Day there in her hometown. Wanting to become a psychologist as a child, Sonequa Martin Green got bitten by the acting bug in tenth grade. Feeling that acting answered the same questions about human behavior as psychology, Green decided to attend the University of Alabama for a degree in theater and dance.

Afterward, she high tailed it to NYC where she met her future husband Kenric Green in a play called “Fetch Clay, Make Man.” They married December 4, 2010. There in New York she was also certified in stage fighting. Later it would come in handy for “The Walking Dead” and “Star Trek: Discovery.”

The African American actress moved to LA with her husband, Kenric Green to pursue more opportunities for acting. She found them in “The Walking Dead” and “Star Trek Discovery.” She also gave birth to her son, Kenric Green Jr. on January 10, 2015. The Stand Up 2 Cancer Ambassadors has a mother that is a three-time cancer survivor and one of her sister’s is a breast cancer survivor. Kenric Green, her husband lost a mother to the disease previously.

Sonequa Martin Green’s net worth is $2 million as of April 2018.


Her notable roles in film and television are:


2007 I-Can-D

2008 Blind Thoughts

2009 Rivers Wash Over Me

2011 Yelling to the Sky

2012 Shockwave Darkside


2009 Army Wives

2009-11 The Good Wife

2011 Gossip Girl

2012-17 The Walking Dead

2013 Once Upon A Time

2017 Star Trek: Discovery


“The Walking Dead’s” show runner at the time Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 14 The War Without, The War WithinGlenn Mozzara and Sonequa Martin Green clicked, but the role of Michonne was awarded to Danai Gurira. Still, the character Sasha Williams was created for Green in the third season primarily for the actress herself. The actual character is not a part of the original novels. Albeit, the theater graduate recurring role for season 3 became a starring role by the time she left the show in season 7 even masking her pregnancy in season 5. The child she gave birth to was a son named after her husband Kenric Green.


As season 7 wrapped up on “The Walking Dead,” so did Sonequa Martin Green’s job on the show. Around the same time a new role appeared for her. Earth and SunAmid controversy that she quit “The Walking Dead” for the new role, Sonequa Martin Green maintained the was released from “The Walking Dead” before the new role was acquired—Star Trek-Discovery.

Here she played Michael Burnham, a human child orphaned because of a Klingon raid on an outpost. A Vulcan named Sarek became her ward and raised her on his home planet. Now on the USS Shenzou, she has been labeled as a mutineer for using un Starfleet like tactics in an attempt to stop a war that would ensue. Born under the sign Aries, the god of War, proved a good omen for the actress who helped to launch CBS’s online television franchise. The new Star Trek series gained over 9 million viewers its first season and sky-rocketed CBS’s online only television network with a 200% growth in subscriptions. Month, week and daily sign ups were record setting for CBS.

The good times keep coming with Saturn Award nods for the actress and co-stars Doug Jones, and Jason Isaacs, Michelle Yeoh and for the Best New Media TV Series. The accolades and recognition keep coming. What is next for the actress?

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is hidden under lock and key by the producers, writers, directors and actors, but the rumors continue to swirl and the momentum continues to swing in the series’ favor.


Sonequa Martin Green has admitted to negative comments from her detractors.
Though it was painful, she stated, “I am a black woman that was raised in the South so it did not surprise me.” She did believe it was a surprise that much of the negative comments came from some of the Star Trek fans because of the themes of equality and diversity Star Trek upholds. This spoken on CBS This Morning with Gayle King in 2017.

That being said she is now the new figure for the pillars that Star Trek stands for. And with the records she is helping to set, Sonequa Martin Green is doing an exceptional job. What do you think of Sonequa Martin Green and her role as Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery?